Our Company:

⦁ AFI WeGroWood Pvt. Ltd. Established with a vision and mission to undertake sustainable wood production through Agro- Forestry in rural and urban lands to contribute sustainable environment and carbon mitigation.

⦁ Conceptualised various agroforestry , social forestry projects.

⦁ Sole rights tie-up with WeGrow Germany, for implementation of patented technology for large scale green and agroforestry projects.

AFI WeGroWood Pvt. Ltd. is to carry out the business of agroforestry, nurseries, plantations, cultivations, sale & purchase of wood & wooden products, trading of carbon credits and to promote and develop seeds, seedlings & trees as well as to conceptualise, develop, set up, support, partake in ventures, programs and concepts for the purpose of growing trees outside forest areas, within forest areas, on lands of governments, PSUs, other institutions and entities as well as private land holdings, for various purposes, incl. but not limiting to commercial wood production, carbon sequestion, green cover increase, afforestation, climate change, food production and others.


How We Work:

We have developed distinct, self-sustainable models that ideally fulfil the requirements of individuals & companies who own land, and also those who don’t own suitable land, but want to benefit from investing in plantations; plus specific models for projects of PSUs, Government Agencies and CSR Projects of Indian companies. We plan, develop and maintain these plantations from the initial conceptualisation till harvest, with total transparency and professional efficiency. Our Plantation Partners will receive the respective benefits without the need to involve themselves in the actual work of running the plantations! With our unique Package, our Plantation Partners receive their benefits from fully secure projects; either on their own land or their leased land.

Our Plantation Packages Include:

  • Commence plantation site suitability studies and surveys
  • Prepare Feasibility Studies & Cost & Revenue Reports for the proposed plantation site; with the ideally suitable German Hybrid Tree

  • Plan the Plantation setup for maximum utilisation and revenue

  • Monitor preparations of the plantation site(s), incl. fencing, irrigation systems, infrastructure etc.

  • Engage and train the required work force for specific job roles on site, in accordance with NOS

  • Import the ideally suited, high quality tissue-cultured seedlings, directly from WeGrow Laboratory, Germany

  • Cultivate and strengthen the seedlings in our short rotation plantation / nursery

  • Plant the seedlings in the respective plantation site(s)

  • Manage the plantation, incl. plant care, pruning, plantation maintenance etc. till harvest

  • Commence harvest of the trees

  • Handle cutting of the tree trunks at the saw mill

  • Handle the wood drying process

  • Ensure mutually agreed payments to Stake Holders of the plantation

  • Handle the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Growing Cycle (as per Agreement)

Core Competencies of our German Tree Partner – WeGrow GmbH

At our laboratory in Germany, we, WeGrow GmbH, develop and produce our patented Paulownia tree varieties for commercial cultivations. Here, we propagate the carefully selected varieties that are being developed by us, using micro cuttings. The sterile laboratory conditions and the use of innovative IT solutions with environmentally friendly LED exposure technologies ensure the production of more vigorous, pure and healthy plants.

We work completely without the use of genetic engineering, and instead apply our expertise in biology and botany. By controlling the spectral range of our cultivation light in the laboratory, we can control the plants’ physiological processes such as rooting and shoot growth much more precisely, and also reduce conventional energy requirements by up to 60 percent. Our germ-free propagation trays, which are closed with permeable films, hold 126 plants each and are used for cultivation as well as secure and space-saving transport. We can ship 2,500 plants in one carton and load them on a single Euro pallet, thus moving up to 30,000 young plants at a time.

In our greenhouses, we utilise specially designed roller-table systems, which enable a true-to-nature toughening of our plants. Here we carry out another cultivation step lasting several weeks, to help prepare them for outdoor planting  on the plantations. We inoculate the young plants with symbiotic microorganisms, and so promote the formation of homogeneous root systems and strong shoots, increasing their resilience when growing in the plantations.

Source: WeGrow

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