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What We Do

Wood has accompanied us in everyday life since the beginning of mankind and is one of the most wonderful, versatile natural raw materials on earth. We just can’t live without it.

Decades of uncontrolled deforestation has reduced the global green cover on a massive scale, resulting in irreversible damage of the eco systems, loss of habitat for local populations as well as thousands of trees and enhancing global climate change. At the same time the global demand for quality timber is continuously increasing, as the global population of over seven billion people, and growing, consumes wood products each and every day. In order to slow down, and eventually stop and reverse the ongoing global deforestation, it is of paramount importance and urgency to:

* set up sustainable and eco-friendly plantations;
* of fast growing, hardwood trees (ideally trees that produce the same quantity of wood within 6-7 years, for which other trees usually need 20, 30 years, or more);
* that require very little water and absorb maximum possible CO2;
* supply quality wood at affordable rates within the next few years itself!
* plant Millions of fast growing quality trees – today.

The Solution – The patented German Phoenix One® Tree:

* Extremely fast growing (up to 6 meter in the 1st year)
* 14 times higher CO2 binding during the first 7-10 years< on average 8 times more CO2 storing capacity than any other tree, worldwide (40 MT/Ha/Year)
* Produces the lightest Hard/Precious Wood on earth (280/310kg/m3); it is known as the “aluminum” of wood, the “Lightweight Champion“
* Very low water consumption; 83 L/Kg wood (Eucalyptus = 7,000 L/Kg)
* due to its uniquely narrow crown, we can plant 200 trees more per hectare than others

The Phoenix One® Tree is unique in many ways, and produces incredibly beautiful, high quality wood the world is looking for!

Latest News

We are happy to announce our appointment as the exclusive partner for India, for the patented hybrid tissue culture Paulownia trees of the world renowned specialist – M/s WeGrow GmbH, Germany. We have chosen to work exclusively with WeGrow not only because their 4 patented hybrids, namely – Phoenix One® Tree; NordMax21® ; H2/F3® ; H2/F4® are absolutely ideal for distinct climatic conditions in different regions in India; but also due to their world class technology and infrastructure, experience of developing hundreds of hectares of plantations with these trees in various countries and their fully committed, continuous support for their partners.

The unique combination between:

WeGrow GmbH, Germany, with more than 10 years experience and highly specialised expertise for developing exceptionally strong, sustainable and productive hybrid tissue cultured Paulownia trees, and a their unique system for the entire growth cycle till harvesting, their technical support as well as special properties of their patented trees; &

AFI WeGroWood Pvt. Ltd. is to carry out the business of agroforestry, nurseries, plantations, cultivations, sale & purchase of wood & wooden products, trading of carbon credits and to promote and develop seeds, seedlings & trees as well as to conceptualise, develop, set up, support, partake in ventures, programs and concepts for the purpose of growing trees outside forest areas, within forest areas, on lands of governments, PSUs, other institutions and entities as well as private land holdings, for various purposes, incl. but not limiting to commercial wood production, carbon sequestion, green cover increase, afforestation, climate change, food production and others.

Source: WeGrow

Source: WeGrow

Your Opportunity to be a Plantation Partner of Agro Forestry India

Besides setting up our German Tree Plantations with our own resources, we also offer Plantation Partners (PP) to benefit from this incredible business opportunity. Your ROI will be generated with a fully secured, ecologically precious plantations of the German Phoenix One® trees that are * the fastest growing hardwood trees on earth * store 8 times more CO2 than most other hardwood trees & * produce the lightest hardwood on earth!

The plantation will be fully insured from day 1 till harvest. The wood of the plantations is already pre-sold at the time of setting up the plantation.

The entire project will be planned, set up & managed by a professional company.

We implement Plantations within the following concepts & categories:

1. Private Plantations with Land Owners

2. Private Plantations on leased land

3. CSR Projects –self sustainable after 7 years; for another 21 years!

These projects focus on:  * Generating Jobs  * Skill Enhancement  * Doubling Farmers Income  * CO2 Reduction  * Reducing Deforestation of existing forests  * Growing Quality Food with Intercropping  * Produce Quality Hard Wood in India  * Improving Soil Quality & Natural Water Storage Capacity of Fellow Land  * several other vitally beneficial aspects