The unique 10,000+ Plantation Program of Agro Forestry India

1. The most profitable Agro Forestry Solution

2. Only all-inclusive Agro Forestry Opportunity

3. Fastest possible Solution for CO2 Reduction

4. Fastest possible Solution for high quality hard wood production

5. Our Plantations are environmentally friendly, sustainable

6. With immense advantages for soil & groundwater


It is a Win Win Win – For Environment, People & Economy


How to become a Plantation Partner of Agro Forestry India

Roots Handshake

1. Apply with M/s Agro Organic India International Pvt. Ltd. to become a Plantation Partner.
* Proof of legal possession of the proposed plantation site(s);
* Address
* Google marker

2. In case Agro Organic accepts the application for stage 1 of the process, all relevant details & information will be mutually agreed and an LOI will be entered into with Agro Organic to go ahead with the project as per mutually agreed terms.

3. Submit soil & water samples of the proposed plantations site. If they come back as acceptable, Agro Organic will commence the due diligence, etc.

4. If Agro Organic accepts the project, a dedicated SPV will be set up in order to ensure complete transparency and security for all stake holders. The entire plantation will be fully insured, secured and the wood will already be sold on the day of setting up the plantation!

Utilise Your Opportunity to be a Plantation Partner of Agro Forestry India

Besides setting up our German Tree Plantations with our own resources, we also offer Plantation Partners (PP) to benefit from this incredible business opportunity. Your ROI will be generated with ecologically precious plantations of German Phoenix One® trees. The plantations will be fully insured and secured from day 1 till harvest. The wood of the plantations is already pre-sold at the time of setting up the plantation.

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