As per CSR Law, 2014 Agro Forestry became a registered CSR Activity, to ensure environmental sustainability, agroforestry, conservation of natural resources, etc. Even
Nationalised Banks & PSUs are being advised to earmark 25% of their CSR funds for afforestation.


1.) Doubling of farmer incomee
2.) This additional income for farmers will be generated from the project; Only actual expenses for the project itself are required; spread over 7 years. Benefits for the farmer communities and your company from this project will continue for 28 years in total
3.) FARMER NGO commits to continue this tree plantation after the said 7 years, with the same benefits for the involved farming communities for another 21 years. The project will then be self-sustained; no additional finance will be required. During this additional time, every 7 years the same doubling of farmer income will be achieved.
4.) With a project of 5 hectares ( for example), a carbon (CO2) binding equivalent of 40 hectares of any conventional forest cover of the same area will be achieved! Reason being that Paulownia Phoenix-1 trees absorb and bind 8 times more CO2 than conventional leafy trees
5.) FARMER NGO will also commence crop specific trainings and skill enhancing teachings and practical engagements for the involved farmer communities; incl. for organic farming, vermin compost, intercropping, and other income enhancing practices
6.) Practical implementation of Intercropping in the ‘Paulownia Phoenix-1’ Plantations. The income that will be derived from Intercropping is in addition to the ‘doubling of Income’ commitment
7.) FARMER NGO will employ maximum number of employees from within this community; which over and above of the income generation for farmers of the community
8.) Another outcome of the project is that a product (timber) will be supplied to the market that is in critically short supply in India. Therefore, this project will help to reduce loss of forex for the country.
9.) The entire credit (media, etc.) for this 28 year project will go to the compa


Tangible benefits for the 28 year project period are:
a.) The factual output of this project is FAR higher than the actual financial input through the CSR fund – doubling farmer income from agro-forestry + additional income from intercropping + additional skill enhancements + employment + environmental benefits.
b.) The project is perfect for continuous media coverage and the resultant brand & image building, due to the above-mentioned impacts and advantages – and this for 28 years.
c.) Carbon Credit for 28 years goes to the company – 18.40 Lacs/7 Years = 73.60 Lacs / 28 Years