Grow Kiri now and redefine growth!

With fast growing Paulownia Trees, you can build a worthwhile alternative and complement to traditional agriculture within only a few years. Get to know the unique quality of our varieties and get into a highly attractive business model for the planting season 2020! With many years of expertise and WeGrow’s unique young plant quality!

About Us

Decades of uncontrolled deforestation has reduced the global green cover on a massive scale, resulting in irreversible damage of the eco systems, loss of habitat for local populations as well as thousands of species and enhancing global climate change. At the same time the global demand for quality timber is continuously increasing.

The only solution possible are fast growing hardwood trees that ideally bind huge quantities of Carbon / CO2.

The patented German Phoenix One® Tree is:

* the fastest growing hard wood tree on earth;

* the tree with the highest CO2 binding capacity – 8 times more than any other leaf tree; which is actually 35-40 times higher during the first 4-7 years compared with most other trees.

* producing the lightest hard wood, on earth;

* unique in many ways, and produces wood the world is looking for, especially ideal for the Indian climate conditions

Latest News

We are happy to announce our appointment as the exclusive dealer for India, for the patented hybrid tissue culture Paulownia trees of the world renowned specialist – M/s WeGrow GmbH, Germany. We have chosen to work exclusively with WeGrow not only because their 4 patented hybrids, namely – Phoenix One® ; NordMax21® ; H2/F3® ; H2/F4® are absolutely ideal for distinct climatic conditions in different regions in India; but also due to their world class technology and infrastructure, experience of developing hundreds of hectares of plantations with these trees in various countries and their fully committed, continuous support for their partners.

The unique combination WeGrow’s expertise, experience, technical support as well as their tree’s properties, combined with our vast experience in the agriculture sector in India, is the strong foundation of thousands of hectares of successful Tree Plantations across India